plans and projects

Cooperation Council Scheme

Location: east of Abu Hadriya road and west of the base. Features: The land extends along Abu Hadriya Road and the Cooperation Council Road. Area: 1,475,812m2

Al Bandariya Towers Scheme - Al Khobar

Location: The plan is located at the intersection of the bridges highway (King Fahd) with King Solomon Road. Features: Easy entry and exit, easy access. Near the waterfront of Al-Khobar. Commercial investment towers Area: It is 96,000m2

Half Moon Resorts (Million)

Location: It is located on Half Moon Beach Road, where it is bordered by Half Moon Chalets to the east, and Resorts Oasis to the west. Features: It extends for 1290 meters on Half Moon Road. Its land is investment and residential. Area: 1,000,000m2

Ain Al-Khobar Scheme

Location: The Khobar Corniche plan is located at the meeting point of Prince Turki Street with Dammam Khobar Coastal Street, with a length of 300 square meters, opposite the Movenpick Hotel and major stores. Features: The plot is surrounded by wide commercial streets. The site enjoys easy entrances and exits. Diversity of spaces as desired by the buyer. Area: 102,000 square meters

Industrial Bar Schemes - Industrial Sources

Location: Located on the Abqaiq Road heading to Al-Ahsa and separated from the industrial village of Qaim Street with a width of 60 metres from the western side and a street with a width of 60 metres from the eastern side and located on 60th Street. Features: Segmented into large pieces, the area of one 260 thousand square meters is about 8 kilometers from Dhahran. The scheme works as backup areas for contractors and industries. Area: 2,600,000 m2

Village resorts project

Location: West of Azizia Street, Half Moon Beach, and southwest of the Search and Rescue Center. Features: Overlooking the Arabian Gulf Road.  In front of Half Moon Chalets. Area: 3,447,984 square meters

Industrial golf plan

Location: It is located in the most famous city in the world, Dhahran, Dammam-Abqaiq Road, where the business of Saudi Aramco, the leading company in the field of oil and gas, is concentrated. Features: * Used for light industries and warehouses. Area: 800,000 square meters

Luxury Beach Scheme - Al Khobar

Location: directly on the Arabian Gulf sea and near the King Fahd Causeway. Features: It is distinguished by its geographical location directly on the Arabian Gulf and near the King Fahd Causeway heading to the Kingdom of Bahrain. It has a private beach overlooking the Gulf waters. Allocation of land, which is located within the Shubaili scheme in Al-Khobar, to build private chalets directly on the sea

Al-Taawun district plan - Al-Khobar

Location: It is located in Al-Khobar on the Gulf Cooperation Council Road, next to Al-Waha and Al-Khuzami neighborhoods. Features: near King Fahd Causeway. Close to recreational and tourist attractions. Near Al-Azizia Beaches Complete services. Area: The land area is 286,646.60 square meters

Rayyan Villas Project