who are we

“Masadr” Real Estate Company has established a successful and distinguished development strategy that it has maintained for more than twenty years by achieving a number of investment goals that its clients and partners have benefited from over the years, which has earned the company a wide and distinguished real estate value and reputation.

Masadr operates with a unique vision and a high desire for innovation, creativity and exceptional returns

  • To become a regional leader in real estate investment and providing related services.
  • Achieving added value in marketing and real estate investment.
  • Providing integrated services in real estate investment, development and marketing services.
  • Strengthening relationships in the real estate market.
  • Providing the requirements for market success.
  • Executing all works in an outstanding manner.
  • Protecting our clients’ investments by tracking the market and tracking its fluctuations.
  • Considering quality and reliability as the cornerstone of every project.
  • Using the available and appropriate resources to quickly achieve the desired goals of the project.
  • Embracing the principle of development and adopting advanced technologies in our business in order to achieve better results.

our business

Finding suitable opportunities

Doing investment studies

Real estate appraisal and appraisal department

Organizing real estate auctions and offering them in the best way

Our services

We have the experience and knowledge that enables us to meet the requirements and needs of the customer and his special circumstances

with the client

Introducing the client to personal or commercial professional experts such as lawyers and surveyors


Creating and creating partnerships to own land and real estate in the best possible way and in the most effective way

Real estate deals

Successful completion of real estate and investment transactions in accordance with the needs and desires of the client

Development of neighborhood plans

Develop neighborhood and real estate plans so that maximum benefit is obtained

Integrated services

Providing integrated services for investment and real estate marketing

Development and awarding

Development and awarding of investment plans and projects

Study opportunities

Studying and finding suitable real estate and investment opportunities


Marketing plans and projects


Providing real estate and investment advice

Our clients

We have many clients that we are proud to serve in the Kingdom and the Gulf

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