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From a solid real estate base “masadr” in its business that has evolved over time and achieved high growth rates from a thoughtful strategy, field survey of the needs of the real estate market, investor trends and knowledge of the urban direction and new projects. This helped it to capture opportunities and choose the most vibrant and viable real estate sites in this framework. “masadr” on the Eastern Region as the first terminal of real estate investment, where this area is rich in its natural ingredients of petroleum, gas, tourism and sea.

The competitive prices in the Eastern Region give it an advantage in housing and investment and compared to the cities of the Kingdom and the Gulf, it is still very much land that qualifies it to double its investment capacity in the coming years.

Chairman's Address

Abdullah bin Saleh Al-Awfi

The GCC economic rules demonstrated the durability of their foundations in the wake of what was known as the global economic budget that hit the world a few years ago. This is due to the surplus liquidity and stable economic policy enjoyed by the Gulf States at the time and the fact that the real estate sector has undoubtedly been the main if not the only driver of that crisis since it surfaced across the United States of America during 2009. Consequently, the supply and demand for existing real estate and property for residential or commercial purposes has been affected and decayed as the crisis worsens.

Contrary to the above, the Saudi economy has proven its presence in the international arena and dealt with the data and consequences of the global economic crisis Petro and positive. Today, Saudi Arabia is witnessing a boom in the real estate market accompanied by a tangible diversity in accelerating investments and private and government development projects that have influenced the national development map. As we embody a well-established national institution, we are in masadr that seek to play a pivotal role in promoting national development efforts and are steadily advancing the national economy for the benefit of the nation, the citizen and the Saudi society as a whole. masadr , on the other hand, is one of the leading national companies across the Kingdom with a variety of outstanding services and products. masadr to provide the growing base of its clients with promising investment opportunities and looks forward to exerting all its energies and contributing to the development of the national economy, which is witnessing a remarkable upsurge under the auspices of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and following up his wise government, asking the Almighty Almighty to be stable and to preserve our Kingdom and the Islamic Nation.